The Arrow Scale Innovation Series Truck Scales are Canadian-built to withstand the harsh Canadian environment. We use heavy duty W14 wide flange I beams and W6 wide flange I beam cross members for superior strength. This series can be fabricated to accommodate an 8”, 10” or 12” thick, ready for field pour concrete deck or 5/16”, 3/8” or 1/2" thick checker plate deck plating. We use 4” OD tubing with ½” mounting plates at 3’ intervals to construct the guiderails if they are required for the application.

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We provide a wide range of industrial products suitable for a wide range of industries:

  • Truck Scales
  • Rail Scales 
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  • Checkweighers
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Our Innovation Series Truck Scales are available with a concrete deck or steel deck. The concrete deck design uses heavy duty W14 wide flange main I beams and W6 wide flange I beam cross members which is more than double the strength than what most of our competitors use. This allows 8” of concrete to sit above the neutral axis of the weighbridge which keeps the concrete in a constant compression state. This eliminates the potential for deck cracking and extends the life of the entire weighbridge. The steel deck design uses heavy duty W14 wide flange main I beams and W8 wide flange I cross members. Stringers are added for additional support to the tire tread path. 3/8” checkerplate is welded to the top edge of the I beams as the driving surface. This rugged design provides lasting accurate performance especially for extreme traffic and axle loads. NTEP certified load cells are installed to provide reliable legal for trade accuracy you require. For applications that require guiderails, we construct them using 4” OD tubing with ½” mounting plates at 3’ intervals. The Innovation Series come with a 5-year weighbridge warranty against manufacturing defects.


Arrow Scale Inc. carries a wide range of weight indicators to suit any application.

GSE 460

460 Series

GSE 560

560 Series

GSE 660

660 Series

M1 Basic

M1 Basic



Storm 190

Storm 190

Storm 200

Storm 200

Storm 225

Storm 225

Optional Equipment

Arrow Scale Inc. offers many options to ensure your weighing application works best to suit you and your customer.

Epson TM-U295 Printer

EPSON TM-U295 Printer

Aurora 45 remote display

Aurora 45 Remote Display

Aurora 45 SL remote display

Aurora 45 SL Remote Display



ScaleLink Wireless Transceiver

Belt scale

Belt Scales

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